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We are a global company, with a common personality and culture

“Our corporate culture is what defines us, the lever on which our mission, vision and values ​​rest. All of these elements perfectly encapsulate the spirit of GS Inima, so it's up to us to move forward on the path of sustainability and build a strong culture we can all believe in."

Marta Verde

CEO, GS Inima

Mission Gs Inima


Guarantee sustainable development in all the countries where we operate.
Through this objective, we work together with our clients and suppliers in order to favor their socioeconomic and environmental context.

Vision Gs Inima

Vision 2030

To be a sustainable company in renewable energy and water with an international presence,
providing technological innovations to the sector and committed to social welfare and of the workers.

Values GS Inima




We guarantee the highest quality thanks to the professionals that make up the organization, offering them continuous multidisciplinary training development.



In each project we demonstrate our vocation for permanence and our social and cultural commitments with the environments in which we intervene.



Water, as a basic common good, improves the quality of life of communities, generating health, economic and social progress.



In the energy market, the ability to adapt to each project is the basis of our change management and what makes innovation the essential element of our company.



Our vision of teamwork translates into a transversal collaborative spirit, which affects our values ​​as a way to achieve our mission.


Hydrosphere clearly summarizes the DNA of GS Inima as a company, ensuring a successful future and fulfilling our social responsibility with excellence.

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