GS Inima It is a world benchmark in the water sector. With recognized technological know-how, it is the company that manages the most plants in the world under concession, which means a strong presence and international activity.

As a point of reference in environmental technology, they incorporate the most advanced processes, investing in research and development and taking care of the environmental integration of their designs, saving energy consumption and reducing emissions.

We verified all this in this interview with Diego de Vera, director of Business Development of the company, focused on the field of desalination.

Why is it important to bet on unconventional water resources such as desalination?

For many years now, and increasingly, water scarcity has affected a large part of the world's population. This translates into the search for alternative sources of unconventional water, such as desalination and reuse. In the case of the latter, since it is prohibited for human consumption, it makes Desalination plays, to this day, a fundamental role in the delivery of fresh water for human consumption.

Additionally, desalinated water production costs have dropped considerably in recent years, making it competitive from an economic point of view. In addition, without the need for subsidies from government entities that usually promote the development of this type of project.