Positioned as one of the companies with the largest number of plants in terms of concessions, GS Inima It is a world benchmark in the water sector. Thanks to its technological know-how, it offers global solutions and operational capacity to design, develop and execute turnkey projects and facilities, incorporating the most advanced processes and adapting to the conditions and requirements of each client and each country.

Now it faces a new challenge in its long history, that of being a sustainable company worldwide, and it does so with a firm commitment to renewable energies as a strategic pillar. We talked about all this with Diego de Vera, a trained engineer with more than fifteen years of experience, who in this new stage assumes the Commercial and Business Development Management of GS Inima, both in water treatment and renewable energy, a newly created line of action. Additionally, he incorporates Corporate Communication and Marketing of the company into his responsibilities.

1.- You have recently assumed the national commercial direction of the company. What does this milestone mean to you?

Assume the national commercial management of GS Inima It represents a new challenge for two fundamental reasons: the first, because of the high bar and the legacy that our colleague and friend Carlos Torroja leaves us. It will not be an easy task to occupy that space. And on the other hand, it represents a return to my origins, since in recent years I have been focused on the international market of GS Inima. I take this opportunity to convey a message of continuity, since we intend to continue with the same lines of action both with public administrations and with partners and suppliers. I face this new stage grateful for the trust placed by the company's general management and with the peace of mind of having a great team behind me that will help GS Inima to continue being successful both in the national and international markets.

2.- What objectives have been set for this new stage?

The objectives are to continue on the path of sustained and continued growth in the company, as we have been doing in recent years, committed to consolidating our lines of business and markets, as well as, of course, expanding our portfolio, especially in the long term.

3.- What markets and business modalities are you looking at? GS Inima both nationally and internationally right now?

The markets where we have our focus are of course the Spanish market, as well as those where we have been operating for years: USA, Central and South America, Middle East and North Africa. We will also remain attentive to opportunities that may arise in Asia, as we have already done in the last year with the award of the Daesan desalination plant in Korea, as well as with the purchase of an industrial drinking water production asset in Vietnam. Regarding business modalities, due to the vocation of GS Inima, we will continue to operate in the concession market for both water assets and services, without neglecting the rest of the business activities: engineering, supply, construction and commissioning. It is the experience that has motivated GS Inima for over sixty years and conducts the business of the company. Regarding the water business lines, we will continue to bet on our five key activities: desalination, purification, potabilization, industrial water and integral cycle. Lastly, and in order to assume our responsibility towards sustainable development, we are firmly committed to renewable energy. In fact, we have recently opened a new business line within the company to develop photovoltaic energy projects. That is the new strategy, to take advantage of synergies with our main activity based on the search for innovation and greater efficiency.

4.- Precisely, one of your new lines of business is renewable energy, why did you choose this line and how is the company facing this challenge? 

As I have mentioned, GS Inima is a company committed to the sustainability of its plants and projects. Therefore we opt for renewable energies as a new line of business; This has been a natural evolution within our commitment and is currently a strategic pillar of the company.

As a company we are responsible for the rational and sustainable use of resources for water management in the water industry, and the use of renewable energy has become a fundamental part of our projects.

Continuing on the path of growth, being a reference in environmental technology throughout its more than sixty years of experience, GS Inima faces a new stage in which renewable energies are placed as a strategic pillar.