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Excellence and maximum quality in the services provided GS Inima It is guaranteed thanks to the professionals that make up the organization. Therefore, promoting their development with continuous multidisciplinary training and involving them in the strategy and objectives is essential.

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We are an organization with purpose and values, equal opportunities and conciliation.

We are committed to the present and care for the future through our values. And all this, always with the Teamwork.

“Working with the passion and enthusiasm of creating a compact, challenging and motivated team to be bigger every day is a complicated challenge, but undoubtedly necessary. GS Inima, like all large companies, is a puzzle of large pieces that must align and this is where People Management has a very large part of responsibility, visualizing the needs, exercising active listening, anticipating the evolution of the market and contributing all the creativity that the moment needs.”

Marta Siguero

People Management Director, GS Inima

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A company with a GLOBAL presence

SUSTAINABLE corporate culture

An ecosystem that facilitates WELL-BEING and PERSONAL GROWTH

We bet on TALENT


With a COMMITMENT and SOCIAL awareness

Our equality policy

We are committed to conciliation measures, equal opportunities, rejection of harassment and integration based on equality.

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