November 21, 2022.

In Oman, GS Inima Barka has announced the achievement of one million hours of work without accidents and without LTIs during the construction of the Barka V desalination plant. The 750 workers employed are recording a combined average of more than 7.500 man-hours a day as they work to complete the project throughout the construction zone. The Barka V desalination plant, located 58 kilometers west of the capital, Muscat, has a capacity of 100.000 m3/day and will supply drinking water to a population of 500.000 people.

To commemorate this important achievement GS Inima Barka organized an event, with the presence of Marta Verde, CEO of GS Inima, in the offices of the IWP Barka V plant, in which almost 800 people celebrated the ability of workers to identify and prevent risks during work activities, as well as reaffirm their commitment to occupational safety.

“This achievement is a demonstration of the company's strong standards for employee health, safety and the environment, which are also part of the company's core values. This is a recognition and I thank all the people who work at GS Inima, the OPWP client, our subcontractors and the entire community that gets involved and collaborates to achieve these levels of quality in the work we develop”

Marta Verde

CEO, GS Inima

“Safety and health at work is an integral part of our daily activity. We are aware that moving forward with the work is important, but... safety comes first."

Jesus Garcia

Projects Director, GS Inima