The new verbal identity includes two slogans that reflect its position and commitment to water, as a fundamental resource for sustainable development. As another of its bets, the company includes photovoltaic energy as a new line of business.

Madrid, November 2, 2022. 

A renewed image but faithful to the origins is the objective of the new identity of GS Inima. Through their new claims: "The water cycle: our reason for being" and "Guaranteeing in the present, the future of water", GS Inima seeks to symbolize the transformation that the company is undergoing and reinforce its position as a dynamic, modern company with a vocation for the future. This enhanced brand identity represents who we are and the strong commitment we have with water as a fundamental resource for sustainable development.

The true evolution is in the hands of the team. Therefore, this selection was proposed by the collective Inima, who, after days of sharing in different workshops, selected the values ​​that perfectly encompass the spirit of GS Inima.






Photovoltaic energy, the new line of business of GS Inima

As another of his bets, the company includes photovoltaic energy as a new line of business, symbolizing another starting point of the transformation plan of GS Inima. All of this as the basis of the path to meet the environmental purposes within the framework of our 2030 vision, to be a sustainable company in renewable energy and water with an international presence providing technological innovations to the sector and committed to the social well-being and workers. A goal that is part of the foundations of GS Inima.