Spain, September 12, 2023.

GS Inima Brazil was awarded in two categories in the 5th edition of the ABCON SINDCON Sustainability Award – 2023, an important award in the sanitation sector that recognizes the practices developed by professionals from private companies that provide public water supply and sewage services.

In category "Management and Governance" category, SESAMM, the Mogi Mirim sewerage concessionaire, made up of GS Inima Brasil and Sabesp,, was the winner with the project “Renewal of the vision of wastewater treatment processes”.

It is the recognition of the work carried out during the 11 years of the operation. We have begun to have a new vision of things, not only as a wastewater treatment plant, but also as a resource recovery unit. We carry out treatment with sustainability, using water reused in the operating process, energy from the operation's photovoltaic plant and also sludge composting

Sirlei Brignoli

SESAMM Operational Coordinator, GS Inima

In “Protect and Restore Ecosystems” category, GS Inima Samar, concessionaire for water and sewerage treatment in the city of Araçatuba/SP, won third prize with its project "Promotion of the Circular Economy - transformation of sludge into agricultural input ", which deals with the correct disposal of the sludge generated in the WWTP and which passes through the solar sludge dryer, a pioneer in Brazil, with the aim of reducing the overload of landfills, generating savings in chemical products with drying technology of sludge and promote the circular economy through the use of sludge as an agricultural input.

These achievements strengthen the company's position in the sector and reinforce GS Inima Brasil's ongoing commitment to sustainable practices in its operations, which directly contribute to the progress of the ESG agenda and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.