• built by GS Inima and Constructora de Calaf, the project met the agreed deadlines and includes a series of technological improvements.
  • The action promoted by the Mancomunitat Penedès-Garraf has involved an investment of almost 11 million euros, financed by the Catalan Water Agency, thanks to a collaboration agreement.

Madrid, March 07, 2023.

The president of the Penedès-Garraf Commonwealth, Sergi Vallès, and the director of the Catalan Water Agency, Samuel Reyes, accompanied by representatives of the territory's institutions and town halls, On Saturday, March 4, the expansion and improvement works of the Vilafranca del Penedès wastewater treatment plant (EDAR) were inaugurated. The improvement and expansion work, which benefits 13 municipalities, which means an equivalent population of 67.000 inhabitants, has been carried out by the joint venture Constructora de Calaf-GS Inima.

with this work the treatment capacity of the equipment has been doubled, going from 12.500 to 24.000 m3/day, which would cover a potential demand of 120.000 inhabitants, responding to the sanitation needs that may exist in the future in the face of possible population increases.

"The inauguration of this great work is an example of the need to pool services to offer a good service to the territory and its people, with adequate facilities to protect our water resources, and more so in a context such as the current one of climate change and drought. ”

Sergi Valles

President of the Penedès-Garraf Commonwealth.

"The expansion of the treatment plant implies a triple benefit: adapting the plant to current and future sanitation needs, progressively improving the quality of the water in the Foix basin, and implementing systems for self-consumption of energy, making sanitation systems more and more efficient.

samuel reyes

ACA Director

Expansion works of the Vilafranca del Penedès Water Treatment Plant

The works of this performance had a budget of almost 11 million euros, fully financed by the Catalan Water Agency (ACA) through a collaboration agreement with the Penedès-Garraf Commonwealth. The works the established times have been met considering the two agreed extensions, facing the consequences of the COVID health crisis and guaranteeing at all times the correct functioning of the existing treatment plant and the continuity of the service.

“To carry out the execution of an expansion like this WWTP, the maximum involvement and collaboration of all the entities that have intervened is needed, Mancomunitat, Construction Management and the Construction joint venture. GS Inima has made its extensive experience in works of this type available to the Mancomunitat to achieve a WWTP with the required quality, and complying with the agreed deadlines” 

Luis Palomino

National Construction Director, GS Inima.

The work has consisted of the reform and extension of the pre-treatment, the construction of a new water line with two reactors and two secondary clarifiers, the improvement of existing facilities, the expansion and improvement of the sludge treatment line, as well as the renovation of electrical installations, a new cogeneration facility and a renewed control system for the entire WWTP

This new scope makes it possible to double its purification capacity and they incorporate new technological systems that allow a higher quality water treatment, including the reduction of nutrients.