The recycling of wastewater is essential to achieve sustainability in industrial processes and thus contribute to fighting against the waste of this precious asset that must be managed carefully due to its scarcity.

"Currently water is at a critical point due to the dangerous imbalance between the limited accessibility of quality drinking water, its unequal distribution and the impact caused by climate change on the hydrological cycle"

Jorge Garcia Ivars

Product and Process Technologies researcher, AINIA

With this vision, Aquapolo was founded a decade ago, due to the great demand for water from the industries located in the Capuava Petrochemical Complex in the city of Mauá in São Paulo, one of the seven cities that make up the ABC region of São Paulo.

“The ABC is a typically industrial region that has experienced great population growth in the last 30 years, increasing competition for water resources, which are very scarce in the region”

Marcio da Silva Jose

President Director of Aquapolo

Created within the framework of a partnership between GS Inima Industrial, a private company, and Sabesp, a company controlled by the São Paulo state government and one of the largest water utilities in the world, Aquapolo produces recycled water from wastewater treated by Sabesp's ABC wastewater treatment plant. .