This award represents the most impressive technically or ecologically sustainable achievement in the industry.

Madrid, May 25, 2022. - GS Inima, a world leader in the water sector, positioned as one of the companies with the largest volume of concession plants and with the longest history in desalination by reverse osmosis, won the Global Water Awards prize in the desalination plant category of the year, by the Atacama Plant in Chile. The awards ceremony took place on May 17, in Madrid (Spain), at the closing ceremony of the Global Water Summit, a high-level event where the companies that lead the international scene in the water sector met.

The organization of the Global Water Awards recognized the Atacama Plant for the following achievements:

 • Innovative online process design and an adaptable inlet configuration that maximizes the efficiency of the seawater pump so that the plant operates with a specific consumption lower than the guaranteed value of 2,8 kWh/m3. An amazing new benchmark for the industry.

• Use of microtunnels that minimized impact in an environmentally sensitive area and allowed the creation of an underwater shot that ensured high-quality raw water, while the use of a booster pump allows adapting to the variability of quality and salinity.

The construction was developed under a dizzying schedule of 30 months, overcoming the difficulties generated by the pandemic, managing to deliver a much-needed facility in an area hit by water scarcity.

“This award is a recognition of all the work and effort that we have dedicated in recent years to deliver such an important and necessary project for the region. In addition, it consolidates desalination as a solution to water scarcity and positions Chile as a benchmark in technology."

Alejandro Torrecillas

Commercial Delegate Latam-Andean Region, GS Inima

This is not the first recognition that GS Inima receives from the water sector, and from the GWI. 2021 GS Inima was a finalist in the Desalination Company of the Year award.

The Global Water Awards and the Global Water Summit are initiatives promoted by the prestigious publication of the water sector, Global Water Intelligence (GWI). The key meeting of the water sector, Global Water Summit, has brought together in this edition more than 800 delegates from 60 different countries and 40 round tables. The central theme this year has been the change that water is experiencing as a result of climate change.