Committed to the highest ESG and QHSE standards

(Environment, Social and Governance)  Y (QualityHealthSafety and Environment)

We work sustainably for our people and our planet. Our mission is to guarantee sustainable development in all the countries where we are present so that, together with our customers and suppliers, we favor their socio-economic and environmental environment.

ESG master plan

Our strategy is aimed at generating long-term value through sustainability. With priority in:

Better control and optimization
of projects and services

The application of
renewable energy sources

Energy Saving

The digitization of all
our processes

In addition, GS Inima applies its ESG Policies in all its projects.

Aligned with the sustainable development goals

At GS Inima execute all our activities with the required quality and under the pillars of environmental protection, safety, health and well-being of people.

We are partners of the UN to work towards the achievement of the SDGs, adhering to the United Nations Global Compact. Through actions that ensure the transparency of information, Governance and specific measures for the benefit of the environment and the society that surrounds us. We currently contribute to the fulfillment of 13 of the 17 SDGs that make up the 2030 Agenda.

Sustainable Development Goals GS Inima

creating value

In order to be able to communicate to our stakeholders the performance in terms of ESG, GS Inima makes the group's Sustainability Report available to the general public.

Sustainability report 2022

Check our management and results in terms of sustainability

Our QHSE Policy

GS Inima has an Integrated Policy, which includes its commitments in Quality, Health and Safety, Environment and Energy

Quality and environment

We have Management Systems certified under different standards:

Safety and Health, an essential commitment of GS Inima

For GS Inima health and safety is key, and for this reason it is managed as an integral objective of personal, work and social well-being.

The result of this are the ISO 45001 Management Systems, as well as the digitization and implementation of specific measures such as the Healthy People Plan, Lessons Learned, Lean Workshops and the QHSE Awards.

Safety Inima

Committed to the environment

GS Inima prioritizes any business strategy that seeks to reduce the consumption of resources, mitigate the environmental impact of its activities and raise awareness about the environment.

We manage environmental risks by implementing Environmental Management Systems based on international standards such as ISO 14001. Additionally, within the environmental objectives, we consider the analysis of the life cycle of projects, as well as the circular economy.

Material efficiency

We work in a responsible, rational and sustainable way. We manage the facilities with sustainable criteria and we carry out our projects carrying out environmental impact studies and trying to rationalize the consumption of materials and energy appropriately.

Waste management

We work through our own Plans and Programs to reduce the amount of residual sludge. As regards hazardous waste, work is being done to reduce its volume, improving processes and gradually replacing the use of certain substances.

We care about water quality

Our strategy is based on two aspects:

  • Promote innovative solutions to carry out sustainable management.
  • Control of consumption and improvement of quality by controlling the facilities through Quality Control Plans for the water in operation and Maintenance.

Fighting climate change

We have strategic lines that face climate change and optimize energy management, implementing ISO 50001 Management Systems in our projects.

We are aware of the emissions associated with our processes and we establish the measures of mitigation.


GS Inima is aware of the importance of protecting biodiversity and the impact that its operations may have on biodiversity, which is why it leads to carry out environmental impact studies that include parameters to measure the aspects of biodiversity, ensuring that the impact of your activity is reduced to a minimum, establishing compensatory measures.

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